Pure Gold Jewellers

A Diamond & Gold Conglomerate established in the Emirate of Dubai – The City of Gold


Web Development & Maintenance

Social Media Management

Paid Advertising

We were to firstly revamp and stabilize their in waters website that was their only platform for sales apart from in-store sales. Then drive new product consignments, improve online sales experience and aid in-house marketing team’s productivity. The goal was to help assist the brand to attract significant leads to scale operations further.

+ Uplift In Product Consignment

+ 200% increase in online

+ Lift in higher spending clients

+ Higher ratio of Organic Google rankings

+ 265+K followers on Facebook

+ 13.6+K followers on Instagram

+ A 10-fold increase in operating profit

+ 100% revenue growth and a significant return on invested capital

+ Year upon year record-breaking revenue


The start-up global marketplace operation for the brand was the task for TechExcel.We consulted the brand to improve the operations via performance improvement to retain user retention ratio. Run global marketing campaigns& set up Facebook Instagram shops to attract significant customers/ROI on investment, while keeping focus on long term page ranking SEO strategies.

Web Development and Maintenance

The Company was looking for an overall online upgrade in terms of database retention ration as well as in terms of revenue growth and even on the backend online administration ends as the website was in very poor condition. So we did a full website audit. Developed and revamped their website in Magento framework to improve speed and hence stabilizing performance. Upgraded their server and maintained the website under watch.

Social MediaManagement / Paid Advertising

We built engaging creative with in-store incentives to drive new customers in and also ran ads on global and national located audiences, thus seeing an increase in social media followers and redirected online sales.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

We started optimizing the keywords both on-page and off-page with a website revamp to achieve higher ranking positions in their business sector.This quickly reflected with higher ranking on Google organically month after month, overtaking many significant competitors.

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